I Make Stuff.

I make stuff.

Stockingfoot Knits just opened a Kickstarter campaign! Go see the video, for details: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stockingfootknits/stockingfoot-knits

What can we make together?


How about making yarn? In a 90-minute session, I can teach you how to form hand-crafted yarn from loose wool, using a hand-spindle. I’ve written about teaching children to spin in How to Host Your Own Yarn Party, printed in Interweave Press Spin-Off magazine, Summer 2007. I spin my own custom yarn on a portable Majacraft wheel, which I’m happy to demonstrate.

Would you like to learn the basics of paper-making? How about Pysanky/Ukrainian egg-dying? We can stitch my supply of upcycle-able shrunken sweaters into treasure bags, totes, hats, scarves and mittens—no special sewing skills are required. On my small heddle loom, we can make fabric from yarn—we can complete a handwoven scarf in an hour, in whatever colors you choose.

Folded paper window stars are a lovely Advent season project, for ages 4 and up.

I like empowering people. You can make your own fabric! You can make your own yarn—people have made yarn for centuries! You can breathe new life into old stuff! Handwork is a fun way to enjoy time together, and the results are so satisfying. Talk with me about workshops and parties for small groups.

For other children’s party ideas, my daughter assembles Flower Fairy kits ($3 plus shipping) and hosts Flower Fairy parties for children. She sells greeting cards with pressed flower accents ($2 per card, $10 for a pack of six cards with envelopes).


Professional Crafting Experience:

Supervised the Ukrainian egg dying room (molten wax, open flames, potent dyes and raw eggs) for the family egg dying party at The Cape Ann Waldorf School, 2010-2012.

Directed annual yarn-spinning workshops in the third grade classroom of The Cape Ann Waldorf School, 2008-2011. Assisted fifth-graders with sock-knitting.

Taught a five-session elective class in Upcycled Wool Garments and Projects, for middle schoolers. Students crafted dinosaurs, owls, cashmere leg warmers, mittens, earflap hats, stocking caps, warm scarves, Winter 2011.

Met with eight parents for two sessions to create wet-felted wool Easter eggs with accompanying felt “baby chicks” to fit snuggly inside each egg, Toy Eggs and Chicks, Spring 2011.

Supervised spiritual formation classes for nine- to twelve-year-olds at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Rockport, Massachusetts for nine years. Used the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd tools and methods for interacting with biblical history and prayer life. Hands-on explorations included forays into papermaking, yarn-spinning, weaving, calligraphy, wet-felting, window stars, disappearing message cards, map-fold cards, crayon rubbings, and prayer bead bracelets, 2002-2011.

Taught yarn-making and star-folding workshops for religious educators at Weaving Our Gifts conference, 2010.

Chronicled a yarn-making workshop for nine-year-olds in Summer 2007 Interweave Spin-Off magazine.

Served as contributing editor for the first two editions of Living Crafts magazine, Winter 2008. Pulled together crafters’ stories for It Takes a Village to Knit a Farm, one of the most popular articles in the magazine’s history.

Taught four back-to-back fiber arts crafting sessions for campers in Rockport’s Art Harbor summer program. Tailored sessions for ages 4 to 16. Summer 2008. In this video, while board members describe Art Harbor, look for kids working with wet stuff in tubs, using a rolling pin and sponge, and uncovering handmade paper. I’m the figure in the bright blue apron, extending an arm toward the industrious art-makers.

I make stuff. I teach people to make stuff. I write about teaching and making stuff.